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Sophia Flores: Week 7 Recap

Seven weeks down, one more to go! This past week was a little disappointing because we did not collect any significant data after checking our cover boards for the last time and analyzing our Kestrel weather data. This meant Coby and I had to change the focus of our project so the data we did have made sense. We ended up getting everything fixed thanks to our mentors for helping out, but it was a little rough. The heavy rain towards the end of the week also wasn’t ideal for collecting all 90 of our cover boards. Coby and I were drenched the whole day due to the rain, but we needed to pick up all of our materials since we finished with data collection.

Our weekend trip to Chicago made me feel a little better, but then it rained too. I had fun going to the WNDR Museum and Shedd Aquarium though! I had no clue about the type of research that goes on at Shedd, so I really enjoyed learning about Karen’s experiences and all that she does as a director in the research sector at Shedd.

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