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Grey North

Hello everyone, 

My name is Grey North and I am entering my final semester at Bowling Green State University. I will graduate in the Fall of 2024 with my Bachelor’s in Environmental Policy and Analysis, specializing in Environmental Education. I’m excited to be the Youth Education Intern at Purdue/ Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant this summer.  

My supervisor said to include a section on what I want to do in the future, and honestly, I’ve always struggled to answer this question. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to help people. Going into college, I majored in psychology but soon realized it was not for me. On top of this, we were also in a global pandemic. I remember coming across a video of Greta Thunberg sometime during my freshman year and felt so strongly about what she was speaking about, that I decided to switch my major during my sophomore year. However, I still struggled to pinpoint what I wanted from this degree. That’s when I discovered the option to pursue Environmental Education as part of my degree. Throughout my past year of coursework, I have fallen in love with teaching people about climate change and nature. I even got to teach at a Montessori as part of a final. 

I decided to join this intern program because it was the best of both worlds. I could work remotely while also having the option to go out and teach students what it means to love the world around them.  As we continue to battle the climate crisis, I want to play a part in showing the younger generation of leaders that change is possible. My family always tells me that I have a way with kids and I should have gone to school to be a teacher. This route allows me to explore the world of teaching, but about a subject that I am passionate about and in a way that feels fulfilling. Throughout my time here, I hope to gain a strong sense of leadership, confidence, and determination as well as experience that will benefit me when I begin to search for jobs. 

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