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Grace Follmar: Week 8 Recap

The last eight weeks have been filled with lots of great memories and experiences. This program was my first time doing research and I learned so much through this process. I learned how research looks from start to finish and the value of planning and preparation! I also gained a lot of new skills like writing research proposals, microscope work, and zooplankton species identification. The professional development activities provided a wealth of new knowledge as well. I enjoyed working with my partner Kayanna as well as interacting with the other interns who all had similar interests as me. The weekend social activities were super enjoyable because we got to spend time together outside of the work setting and get to know one another. Overall, the program was challenging and I had to learn a lot in order to complete my project, especially how to be adaptable when things don’t go as planned. However, these challenges were a great learning experience and will help me in my future career. I had a wonderful experience this summer and I’m sad that the program has come to an end!

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