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Coby Frame: Week 8 Recap

I’ve learned so much in this eight week internship program and it was a great experience. During my time at Purdue, I’ve completed so many different research papers but they’ve mostly been for classes. In this internship, we had a lot more freedom to work on our projects which allowed me to really experience what the research process is like. We got to develop our own topic and methods to collect data. However, this also made the project more difficult as we ran into a lot of setbacks, although, usually all research projects have setbacks. I believe that working out these kinks allowed me to develop better problem-solving skills.

The one thing I enjoyed most about this program was getting to know the other students and faculty members on a more personal level. The internship only lasted eight weeks, but I felt like I developed close relationships with everyone that was part of the program during that time. The weekend trips allowed us to get outside the professional workspace and really get to know one another.

After this program I will be going down to North Carolina to work for the USDA Wildlife Services. I will be collecting data on beaver movements and dam locations. This job will give me a little breather from school too! Although, this program has sparked my interest in conducting research of my own. My plan is to go to graduate school in a year or two after I’ve gotten some work experience.

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