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Sophia Flores: Week 5 Recap

Five weeks down, three more to go! This past week I learned more about creating resumes for natural resources and related careers, which was very different from how I was taught in the Animal Sciences department. It definitely felt weird putting more information on my resume since I’ve always been told to keep it shorter. Another interesting presentation this week, led by Dr. Goforth,

was about graduate interview preparation. His presentation was very engaging because he shared his own experiences and was very enthusiastic.

As for data collection this week, Coby and I finished our habitat surveys. However, we have yet to find any herptiles under our cover boards. Overall, I was disappointed due to the lack of herptiles, but the weekend trip to King’s Island made up for it. We got to ride so many different roller coasters. My favorites were Invertigo, the Beast, and Banshee because they had some crazy twists to them and went super fast. I really hope that next week we’re able to collect more data under our cover boards because we only have four more days set aside for cover board data collection.

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