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Sophia Flores: Week 3 Recap

Week three down, five more to go! This week Coby and I were finally able to get the materials we need for our project after a costly trip to Menards. After we cut our materials, we set aside two days to carry them to our 30 different sites. This was the most challenging part of the week because we had to walk long distances the entirety of both days while carrying our materials to different sites which usually required off-trail trekking. Nevertheless, we were able to work together and get it done. I’m looking forward to actually starting our data collection next week and I hope we observe some cool herptile species.

This past week I also enjoyed the trip to Turkey Run. I’d never been before and it certainly did not disappoint. The trails were so pretty and I had fun going in the freezing punch bowl. Overall, the best part of the adventure to me was spending time and goofing around with everybody on our day off. I’m looking forward to participating in more of these fun social activities over the next few weeks.

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