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Michael Holt

Hello, my name is Michael Holt and I’m super excited for these next 8 weeks in the REEU program! I’m from Bruceville, Indiana, a small town with about 500 people that’s about 10 minutes away from Vincennes in southern Indiana. Currently, I’m a Senior in Natural Resources and Environmental Science (NRES) at Purdue. I don’t have much experience in field research, but I’ve been in Dr. Prokopy’s Natural Resources and Social Science lab for about a year now.

I've always enjoyed being outdoors, and my love for the environment led me to become an Eagle Scout and an NRES ambassador. I wanted to join the REEU program because it brings all of my favorite things together; environmental science, leadership, mentoring, independent learning, and a chance to meet new and diverse people who work in natural resources. I’m looking forward to working with everyone else who is in the program with me this summer and I can’t wait to continue updating everyone through my blog posts!

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