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Kayanna Turner: Week 8 Recap

It still seems like we just started this program a few weeks ago. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve learned so much these past eight weeks. I got a realistic look at how much thought and planning must go into conducting a research project, and what grad school would look like if I ever decide to go. This program taught me that research doesn’t have to be based in a lab setting like I’ve always envisioned when discussing research. I also discovered that I really like the extension aspect of science much more than I thought I would.

This past week was a mad rush to finish up every aspect of our research project from creating our final draft of our paper to perfecting our final presentation. While it was very stressful, it was super rewarding to see the finished products of everything we’d been working towards throughout the program. While I’m still not too sure of what I want as a career, this experience made me much more open to looking for classes and clubs in similar fields that I can take and join during the school year. I also plan on looking more into the wide variety of careers in the natural resource field. It’s been an awesome experience this summer and I’m eager to see how I can apply what I’ve learned from this program to opportunities I pursue in the future.

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