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Kayanna Turner: Week 6 Recap

This past week was spent collecting the last of our mesocosm samples, both zooplankton and water quality, and processing each of them. We had to push back pond sampling to early next week because we wanted to have a little more time to plan exactly what we needed to collect from the Purdue Wildlife Area ponds. I’ve learned that things go much more smoothly if you create a solid plan, so that’s what we did. I’m very excited about pond sampling and very enthusiastic about starting data analysis soon. To wrap up week six, we also traveled to the Indiana Dunes for a beach day, which was so much fun. Grace and I even collected a few water samples that we plan on analyzing at the lab just to see what sort of things are in the lake water. It’ll be a nice excuse to take a break from all of the analysis work we’ll have to do next week as well!

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