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Kayanna Turner: Week 5 Recap

Over the course of this past week we were able to conduct our sampling as normal. We learned just how long it would take to gather our samples and process them, so we were able to update our schedule to make sure we could get as many samples as possible before starting data manipulation and analysis. I’ve also gotten much faster at identifying zooplankton species as I don’t have to rely on the key nearly as much as I did initially!

This week we also got to listen to several presentations about graduate school, interview skills, resumes, and financial resources. They were all very helpful and provided a ton of tips and tricks I will remember after I graduate next year. The financial presentation felt especially useful since I don’t have much background knowledge about loans, finances, and handling money.

To wrap up week 5, we took a trip to King’s Island, which was a lot of fun. While it was super hot outside, the opportunity to ride a whole bunch of rollercoasters was worth the heat. Next week, I’m looking forward to going pond sampling and identifying any early trends in the data we’ve collected.

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