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Kamryn Dehn: Week 4 Recap

This past week, I started working with Megan on a new project. We will be developing a set of lesson plans for teachers that incorporates different scientific and social concepts and connect them to the Great Lakes. I'm very excited for this project because it allows me to really dig into my creative and explorative side! This project also means I can address some of the issues I see in current lesson plans and curriculums for K-12 students, including the lack of interdisciplinary teaching. I've also started seeing more cicadas around Martell and one even landed on my bag!

Memorial Day was this past week too which is near and dear to me because all three of my grandfathers served in various branches and my father served in the Navy. I also grew up attending the Indy 500 with my family. We don't go anymore because ticket prices have increased and the weather usually isn't super great on race day, but I enjoyed watching it from home! At my house, we're pretty big fans of Helio Castroneves, so it was really exciting seeing him win for the 4th time after taking a few years off.

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