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Kamryn Dehn: Week 3 Recap

-This past week I was able to hop on a Zoom call and meet some of the other Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant (IISG) interns as well as some individuals that help keep the program going. All of the interns were able to do a virtual scavenger hunt all about IISG, which really helped me get a better understanding of everything they do and the audiences that they reach. I've also been editing and uploading blog posts for the REEU interns so it's been cool to learn everything they're doing, struggling with, or learning about. I feel like my editing skills are improving slightly as I progress from week to week. Editing isn't just about spelling errors or missing commas though, but also sentence structure and paragraph flow. There's more to editing than people often assume. Being a editor will definitely improve my writing in the future!

My new dog Zaria has also been a wonderful addition to my household and has been getting more comfortable in her new environment! She's such a cutie and howls if I leave her alone or ignore her for too long, but I learned she loves to sunbathe! She does have a bit of a higher prey drive so when I take her to the park I have be cautious about her getting near smaller animals and dogs. I was able to take her to my grandparents' house over Memorial Day weekend and she laid in the grass while everybody took turns rubbing her belly. I started taking her to doggie daycare on the days I'm in-person at Martell so she can be around other dogs and tire herself out before we go home to decompress.

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