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Grace Follmar

Hi, my name is Grace Follmar! I’m graduating this week with a degree in Aquatic Sciences and a concentration in Marine and Freshwater Biology, along with minors in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, Sustainable Environments, Environmental Politics and Policy, and Political Science. While I have never had a research job, I have had many opportunities to do research and fieldwork related activities through the classes I’ve taken at Purdue. This summer I am looking forward to creating my own research project and seeing it all the way through from start to finish. I decided to participate in the REEU because I’m graduating and I’m not entirely sure what career path I want to take. I hope that this program will give me more experience and help me build on some of my weaker skills. I think this program will also direct me towards the career path that is right for me, as well as give me the skills I need to get there.

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