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Dominic Liongson: Week 3 Recap

Over this past week, Jackson and I did some exciting work setting up all of our camera traps and conducting vegetation surveys. We set up some camera traps around a couple of ponds in Martell, but the fun ones to set up were along Indian Creek. The sites along Indian Creek required us to get into the stream to reach the best camera locations. Doing all the camera set up and vegetation survey at each site was a learning experience for me. I had never done any of this before so it was a lot of fun learning! Jackson and Jessie did a good job teaching and leading me through the process. We also got to check on some photos from the pond sites, which ended up being a lot of cute raccoon photos, so hopefully we get a lot more once we leave the cameras out for longer periods of time! I’m excited for the coming week because we still have to do our vegetation surveys at our stream sites and we’ll get to check out the photos from those cameras as well!

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