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Coby Frame: Week 2 Recap

This week we went to the local high school to teach the biology students about natural resources and my groups were focused on reptiles and amphibians. Our goal was to find some salamanders, but, unfortunately, we didn’t find any. Although, we did find some salamander eggs and a crayfish! One thing I learned this week is that you must find a way to capture the interest of your audience when teaching them about natural resources. Not everyone is interested in the subject, but you can always find a niche or topic that they might enjoy. For example, I ended up teaching one student about mushrooms. Instead of just focusing on herps, we shifted the subject slightly to include mushrooms and the habitats you could find them. This student was much more engaged because he was interested in the subject. Teaching the high school students was a new experience but very enjoyable. The most challenging part of the week was having to slightly change the direction of our research project. While it was a little frustrating having to take a few steps back for our project, I think we will have better results in the end.

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