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Coby Frame: Week 1 Recap

One thing that I learned this week is that Indiana has a species of plant from the cactus family called the prickly pear. On our trip to the Indiana Dunes National Park, the naturalists that gave us a tour pointed them out. They told us that the Indiana Dunes is one of the only places on earth where you can find desert and arctic plant species in the same general area. I really enjoyed the trip to the Indiana Dunes because you could see such a wide range of habitats all in one place when hiking around the park. If you are looking for somewhere to take a hiking trip, I would highly recommend the Dunes! One of the most challenging things this week was working out all of the details of our team’s research project. Science can sometimes be very tedious work, but we are making some good progress. I’m excited for next week so I can get out in the field and actually start collecting the data for our project!

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