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Angie Ayala: Week 2 Recap

This week I learned the qualities of good data sheets vs. bad data sheets as well as the existence of a metadata sheet and its significance. Prior to this internship, I had no extensive experience writing a scientific paper. However, thanks to the help of my research partner and mentors, I was able to contribute to the creation of a research proposal. Technical writing, specifically science writing, does not come easily to me. After years of being instructed to write eloquent and elaborate essays, I suddenly needed to do the exact opposite. One of the many characteristics of a scientific essay is that it uses as little words as possible to get the point across. This week I was also pleasantly surprised to find that after spending a week with the high schoolers, they had remembered all of the information that my partner and I had taught them. It was very rewarding to pass on my knowledge to them. Now, after days of being teased with the possibility of setting up the camera traps, the time has finally come! This upcoming week I will finally be able to work with my mentor to build cameras and set them up in the field.

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