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Alexis Lyons: Week 7 Recap

This week revealed another side of research that is just as critical to master as field work. This week we started the process of transforming all of our work into written and oral forms including a research paper, a research poster, and a final presentation. Technical reading and writing is a required skill when trying to convey research to others. While the process is long and frustrating, especially when a lot of editing is needed, it’s important to remember that the editing will make your writing stronger and will benefit you in the end. Next week we will be finalizing all of our outputs. I look forward to the opportunity to present all of our hard work to those who watch our presentations on Friday.

This weekend we also had our last social activity. I was able to go to Chicago and visit the WNDR Museum and Shedd Aquarium. While it was rainy, I still had a wonderful time! It was my second time traveling to Chicago and I purchased loads of souvenirs to take home with me. I also got to see beluga whales and yellow tang (my favorite fish) at the aquarium, and even go a beluga plushie from the gift shop!

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