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Alexis Lyons: Week 4 Recap

This week we deployed our cameras to our designated sites and we kept one out of the field to test how long the new Raspberry Pi0 battery power lasted. We went out in the mornings to change the batteries in most cameras and replaced the final battery in the afternoons to let one camera stay on overnight. During this process, we changed a few of the camera locations near the water so we could get better results. We also learned how to canoe this week in order to deploy a camera across the pond at PWA. I’m still trying to get the hang of it. On Friday, we uploaded all of our camera SD card pictures and I spent the evening looking at pictures from a few of our sites. We’ve caught a few small mammals on camera so far and I’m excited to see what our other sites have in store for us.

Throughout the week, I saw a lot of wildlife including a white-tailed deer, an endangered box turtle, a red-eared slider, a water snake, a snapping turtle, and an eastern cottontail rabbit. On Memorial Day, we spent the afternoon at Columbian Park and visited the nearby zoo. During this trip, I saw some pretty cool animals and got to hold a butterfly, which was pretty epic!

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