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Maggie's Farewell - Week 8

Nigel wiping his eyes in the field


It is Thursday. We have basically wrapped up our entire project. This whole week we have been adding corrections and finishing touches to our manuscript, presentation, poster and data files. Dr. Bernal and Nigel have left, and I nearly cried. Mae and I bought Nigel college swag. He loved it!

Maggie, Mae, Alyssa and Mia in the water at White Rock Park

Once we THOUGHT our presentation was ready, we presented to the group. We were critiqued but they were not as rough as I had anticipated them to be. Today is THE FINAL DAY to get corrections in to our products. Tomorrow we present. I’m excited yet sad. I loved the people from this program, but I’m also excited to wrap it up and start my life. Speaking of which...I HAVE TO START MY LIFE! Where am I off to? Who knows!? New York, South Carolina, Colorado...These all seem like great places to be. I absolutely want to keep myself in the field of natural resources. Hopefully in the water!

Everyone standing in the sand at the dunes

Or at least close to it. That is what I earned my degree in...and that’s how I would like to use it. However, practicing the more social aspect of natural resources in the form of extension gave me plenty more opportunities for the real world, and plenty more space to work on land. I feel a lot more confident in my abilities after having gone through 8 weeks of this program. I said it previously, I'll say it again because it is so crucial for personal success. Be confident and apply yourself! In any experience you have. If you are in college and come across this, the REEU program is a great opportunity if you are interested in research. The REEU program allows you to conduct a research project from start to finish. You form your own question, formalize your own methods, analyze results, close and present. You are walked through the process of real research. It prepares you for potentially starting graduate studies. There are many opportunities to learn and acquire new skill sets that may be otherwise difficult to come across. Not only that, but you learn a lot more about yourself regarding diligence, patience, respect, self-worth and a myriad of other shaping life-factors.

Mia, Jenny and Maggie outside of Indiana State Museum

But other than the nitty gritty, there are plenty of opportunities to hang out with outstanding kids that are in fields like your own. You’re building your network right now! But more importantly, you build friendships. When you get here, put yourself out there. Be yourself. Our intern friend Jenny? When she gets excited, she SCREAMS. For whatever reason. Little weirdo. But we all love her. We all clan together and crack jokes constantly. So, if you’re looking for a place to grow, build friendships, networks, research and writing skills, this is the program for you!

I’ll miss these peeps 😊

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