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Emily's Recap - Week 7

Emily and Jenny with their tree poster

I did it. I did statistics and I didn’t die. Who would have thought.

Jenny and I are pretty much done with our project and it’s a wonderful feeling. We have our manuscript, poster, and final presentation all pretty much done, except for some final touches which will be easy squeezy. We even found some pretty cool results! I’m looking forward to getting the presentation over with, as I’m not super confident in my public speaking skills.

Riverfest went well, and we even got a cool t-shirt for volunteering. Here we are in all our glory with the most beautiful poster you’ll ever see.

This past week we also went to the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis to watch a presentation and see some research posters developed in Dr. Pijeonowski’s lab. His lab sounds super awesome. They determine the biodiversity and other characteristics of a landscape by recording and analyzing sound, which is extremely cool and interesting to me. I didn’t even know I had an interest in soundscape ecology until we went to this, but now I really think I would love to be involved in it.

We get to climb again next week! I’m excited to get out and do something outside again instead of work in front of a computer all day like I’m used to. We also will be going electrofishing, which I’m super stoked for because I surprisingly haven’t gotten to participate in it during my time at Purdue yet. I’m looking forward to wrapping up this program and seeing everyone’s results. Until Next Time.


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