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Avery's Recap - Week 7

Group at the soundscape premiere

We are now in the final countdown of the program! It's hard to believe that 7 weeks have already gone by. This week was full of cool opportunities, lots of laughs, and a million bat calls!

Sunday, we went Indiana Dunes and swam in Lake Michigan! Even though I have lived in Indiana for the past 21 years that was the first time that I had gone to the Dunes. It was so much fun and we left exhausted. Monday and Tuesday we went through bat calls and camera trap data (it's been a llllooonnngggggg journey with these) and prepared for the IMAX presentation on Wednesday.

Wednesday, we went to the Indianapolis State Museum to present our research before the premier of the Global Soundscape Ecology Lab’s IMAX premier. The movie was created to teach people about soundscape ecology. The movie is more of an interactive presentation (there is a guy who engages the crowd and asks/answers questions) and it is geared toward children which is super cool. We got to present our research for around an hour before the movie. We just stood by our poster and people came up and asked us questions and talked to us. We got to meet some really important people at other universities which was very intimidating but also super cool.

Avery in front of her poster

Now Mia and I just need to work our way through the bat call data and run our statistics and then we are done! It's crazy to think that we are almost over. It feels like we have so much left to do and so much that we could still do!

This weekend we are going cliff diving at White Rock and then we present next Friday! After that I move out of my apartment and get ready for my big adventure in Ireland for the next semester!

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