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Mia's Soliloquy - Week 7

Last week was a big one for my partner Avery and I. We split off majority of our work again to cover more ground for our research. While she was analyzing bat calls through a software called Audacity, I was collecting digiKam data and tagging pictures in the software. The purpose of digiKam is to organize camera trap data in the most efficient way, so the use of photo tagging was implemented to easily differentiate between the 25 plot IDs we had. Later in the week on Wednesday, Avery and I presented our poster for our research at the IMAX premiere of Dr. Pijanowski and his lab’s movie about soundscapes. We have them to thank for being able to use their equipment for camera trapping and audio recording. Presenting the poster in front of a crowd not made up of my peers made me a little anxious because I was scared I’d forget my research, but it was beneficial. I did better than I expected, and it served as a teaching moment and practice for the end of this next week when we present our final research results. Now I’m just focusing on finishing digiKam so we can run a Shannon-Weiner diversity index on species found in our three different habitat types forest edge, forest interior, and water edge. After that, I’ll be doing charts on vegetation surveys and the insect data.

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