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  • Garret Cooney

Garret's Recap - Week 7

Sophia and Garret after the proposal

This is it! The final week of the REEU internship. This week’s focus will be working hard and working quickly to finish our research and end these 8 weeks on a positive note! I’m so thankful to have had a chance to be a part of this internship and meet and work with so many wonderful people. I’m glad I had this opportunity to learn so much and develop my skills as a researcher, so I want to have a presentation and final product that I feel satisfied with. I’m very thankful for my partner Alyssa and our mentors Jessica and Dr. Flaherty who have all made completing this project possible. In this last week, I am excited to have a finished project and to present our findings to our peers, colleagues, and mentors.

It was very pleasant to be able to go to White Rock for one last day of relaxation with the whole group before things got busy again. I’m also extremely thankful for my friends here at the internship and their help in planning/arranging my proposal to my now-fiancé, Sophia, at White Rock. I couldn’t ask for a cooler group of people to have spent my summer with. Now, its time to hunker down and get to work on making this project the best it can be!

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