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Emily's Recap - Week 5

Emily with compass

Week 5 is over! This past week has been all about extension and outreach, and we’ve all been working on developing some cool games for the kids to play. I think it will be good to get out and take a break from our research projects. Hopefully the kids learn a lot and have some fun!

Jenny and I are completely done with our data collection. We ran a power analysis to make sure we have a large enough sample size, and we are good to go! Now we can start on statistical analysis and working on our final presentation.

One morning we had a mini photoshoot in our butternut plantation because we realized we were lacking in the aesthetic photos that everyone else has in their blogs. I think it’s safe to say that Jenny and I are the most awkward humans ever. Until next time.

Here is my submission for the contest:

emily holding compass

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