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Taylor's Recap - Week 4

This week we got to spend a lot of time working on our research projects and Reece and I collected data on Indian Creek.

Monday we went out to each of our three sites to sample for fish. For the creek, we get to use the backpack electrofisher which is one of my favorite ways of sampling. We got a good amount of fish/different species at each. We had a couple large, lively fish that we not happy, so it was hard (but still fun) trying to keep them still on the measuring board. After we finished collecting, we went back to Martell to insert data from the day.

Tuesday we went back out to our three sites to collect macroinvertebrates and water quality samples. We had a hard time collecting the macroinvertebrates, but lucky we had Megan to go out and show us a different way of doing it that resulted in much better numbers. However, we did not figure out that the way we were doing it was wrong till Wednesday, so we had to go back out and redo all our samples. That is just the way the field work goes, and I rather redo it than have our data be messed up.

crayfish fighting

Thursday and Friday we spent the day going through our macroinvertebrate data and inputting data into excel. Neither Reece or I have had any experience identifying macroinvertebrates. It was really hard at first, but once we got the hang of it, it got easier. I also think that it is important for me to get familiar with being able to use the key and identify macroinvertebrates because I can definitely see myself having to do this in the future since I am an Aquatic Science Major. We also got to start turning some of our data into figures this week. It is exciting being able to see our research come together.

Monday, the second round of high schoolers are coming and we are working on the extension part of this internship. I am looking forward to taking a break from the research and starting our extension project. Here is a picture of the coolest thing I have seen this week: a picture of two huge crayfish fighting

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