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Mae's Recap- Week 3

Mae with a bird

This past week was a very productive week! Our group deployed our first round of model frogs. We set of 7 transects across the PWA property, and let the model frogs sit out there for 48 hours. When we came collected them, we had a 34% attack rate! That’s extremely exciting because it means we are getting some really great data. It’s the highest attack rate we have seen for studies like ours. The toughest part about our project I think is running the transects. There is a lot of full days of hiking. Maggie and I had a lot of fun this week and really bonded as a group. During one of our lab days, Maggie and I got finished with our data early so we went herping for frogs and creek hiking.

Another big thing that happened this past week was we had the high schoolers come and work with us. I was really excited because mentorship is very important to me. It was a lot of fun to work with them. I felt I really got to know each of them at our social events. We went bowling! They gave a great presentation at the end of the program showing what they learned and I was really impressed.

Next week I look forward to working with Maggie and Nigel I’m deploying more frogs and getting more data!


The birds are singing

The frogs are calling loudly

I love my frog boys

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