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Emily's Recap- Week 3

Emily amongst the wildflowers

We are starting the fourth week, how is that possible? Last week we all started data collection for our projects, and Jenny and I were cranking out our measurements faster than your grandma cranks out pancakes on a nice Sunday morning. I’ve also been playing around with our GIS maps, so much that I’ve been dreaming about it. It’s very concerning.

The poison ivy has ensued for many of my coworkers. It’s everywhere. Miraculously, I haven’t gotten it, even though I’ve come in contact with it many times. I think I belong to that 15% of the population that isn’t allergic….thanks for the good genes, mom and dad. But don’t even get me started on mosquito bites.

Emily and Mae with big smiles in the field

During week 3, we mentored a few high school students that are interested in the natural resources field. They shadowed each of our groups throughout 3 days and then made a presentation about their experiences for their parents. I think for all of them, this was kind of an introduction to what it’s like being a field biologist/researcher. It’s exciting to see that people a bit younger than me are interested in natural resources, and it was cool to play a part in their decision as to whether they want to pursue a career in this field or not.

I brought my dog, Koda, along with me to work a couple times this week. She got so much attention and love. She was SO tired after work both of those evenings, and so dirty too. I also went out with the herps group this past week because Jenny and I were done with data collection for a while. It was good to be able to hike a little bit instead of hanging out in a butternut plantation like I usually do.

Koda the dog resting after a long day

Jenny and I’s project is going well, I’m interested to see how the statistics turn out. Until next time.

Butternuts are cool

Except when they get cankers

That is not cool, no

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