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Angie Ayala: Week 3 Recap

This past week was all about learning from one’s mistakes and about the important art of patience. Unfortunately, we’re currently at the mercy of UPS to deliver the remaining parts of our camera traps, so we haven’t been able to do much to advance our project. Thankfully, we did have enough cameras to conduct a test run, although an incident did occur. After painstakingly strapping the cameras to their respective trees, my partner and I forgot to remove the caps from our cameras. So what would’ve been seven hours of exciting wildlife pictures ended up being seven hours of nothing. As upsetting as it was, we were reassured by countless mentors that accidents like this are common occurrences in research and to not be discouraged. Besides that, this week has been full of fun adventures. The most memorable moment was canoeing across the PWA pond to search for suitable camera trap locations. Even though it was the first time my partner and I had ever canoed, we did impressively well. I’m looking forward to finally setting up our camera traps this coming week!

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