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Alexis Proudman: Week 5 Recap

This week was much better than the last. The cicadas finally started heading up into the trees and now there are less to count! That being said, they also started mating and laying nasty eggs in trees this week. I have seen way too much cicada sex in one week than anyone should see in their entire lifetime. It’s weird man.

We also started a side project that involves capturing the different calls of Brood X cicadas. Some of it has been really fun, like holding cicadas and hearing them scream, but some of it has been really hard. I believe I have captured every call except one, which has been very frustrating to record.

Other than that, we went to King’s Island on Saturday and I had a blast! Being able to let out all of that pent up stress and anxiety while dropping 300 feet on a rollercoaster was the type of therapy I needed.

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