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Alexis Lyons: Week 3 Recap

This week I learned that your initial proposed workflow for research is always subject to change. While I moved around a lot this past week getting to our sites and all over town, it has been equally hectic and pleasing to be progressing during our research. Unfortunately, our original plans for the cameras hit some snags. We made some changes to the software we wanted to use, which delayed us just a bit. We expected the parts to come in on Thursday and hoped to get them assembled and programmed to deploy that afternoon. Our backup plan was to deploy all cameras by Monday. The takeaway from this week was that research is always changing thanks to the discovery of new science, methods, and technology. Learning to be adaptable is crucial when working in the field of science. Things may not turn out the way you originally planned.

However, we did scope out another site at PWA. Depending on the availability of the canoe in the future, we may or may not decide to utilize that site. It was a super fun time learning how to canoe and cross the pond. My partner had never been wading or canoeing before so it was an exciting experience for us. We even got some awesome shots on the other side of the pond. We’re really looking forward to processing some photos from our three test cameras and hopefully we’ll find something cool!

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