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REEU 2019 Farewell

July 26, 2019

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Maggie's Recap - Week 4

July 1, 2019

This week has been another challenging one. Monday, we started our second deployment of our project. The edge habitat that we have sampled so far is thick with thorns, thin trees, and poison ivy. I expect most of our sites to be this way. No matter! We don’t call ourselves the trail blazers for nothing. 


Tuesday, we stayed inside, and I was having a real brain fart with ArcGIS work. I spent four hours researching ArcGIS questions to no avail. The program R is relatively easy to follow so far so I spent some time on there, decompressing. 


Wednesday followed Monday’s example with nothing too interesting that happened, besides picking up our models. Although our transacts have been hard, we always feel accomplished when we retrieve our frogs and see attacks. It wasn’t until Thursday, when we went to do our third deployment, that I had to pass through the worst transact yet. Not only did I have to fight my way through a wall of thin trees with tangled branches, I also had to carefully make my way through a Mulberry Bush. 


Was it painful? 




Was there some kind of reward at the end? 


Surprisingly yes! Below is a picture of the berries I picked and snacked on. Believe it or not, these little jewels have given me energy when I had ZERO on other transacts. This time however, I picked a handful, and walking along the trail back to the van, I got paranoid because we had been touching plants (probably poison ivy) and frogs. Any normal person would drop them. But because my brain is that of a 12-year old’s, I squished them in my hand impulsively. My hand looked like it was bleeding. When I got back to Martell property, I gave everyone a good scare with my bleeding hand prank.




Below on the left, is a picture of me posing with some flowers that make the landscape much prettier. On the right is a wooden throne.
























While our project doesn’t directly involve working with live frogs, we always encounter them. Below is a picture of a spring peeper leaving my hand, and Mae and I posing with frogs we caught.









    Next week we will be starting extension projects and interacting with another set of high schoolers, so stay tuned! 



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